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Current Events

Our church always has a variety of events on the horizon
Christmas Baptism

Congratulations to our newly baptized brothers and sisters in Christ

Church 45th Anniversary and Sermon Manuscript

We recently celebrated out 45th anniversary!  See below for shots of the event and to download the full manuscript of the lovely sermon

Online Service

Our church also offers weekly worship service online and alternatively you can dial in with the conference code.  Feel free to contact our church email for more information.

Mandarin Service (Sunday 9:15AM)

English service (Sunday 10:25 AM)

粵語堂網上崇拜:  星期日早上11:35– 12:35


Social Media

The easiest way to see what's happening at our church is through social media

CCEFC Facebook



CCEFC Youtube


Youth Ministry Instagram

Youth Ministry

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